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Philanthropy & Community  

At Disguise Inc. we firmly believe in helping others. For more than 10 years, this goal has put Disguise at the forefront of philanthropic efforts in San Diego, Los Angeles, and other cities around the country.

Every year, since 2002, in the month of October, Disguise donates more than 6,000 costumes to the children of San Diego-based Promises2Kids, a non-profit organization serving children from broken or violent homes, for their annual Halloween festival which is all about fun and friendships.  To many of these children, having a parent buy them a Halloween costume is unheard of and Disguise is happy to take part in helping the organization fulfill its goal of offering an unforgettable Halloween.

We are also proud to work with the Ronald McDonald Foundation, Rady Children’s Hospital and educational institution and parent television programs that promote fun and safe costumes for kids of all ages. 

Through these efforts we look to instill in our employees, shareholders, and clients, a sense of social commitment and a desire to help others, fostering a positive work environment focused on personal growth, responsibility, and social consciousness.

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